Messy Church July 3, 2014

CRAFTSSTORIESPRAISETEA THIRD SATURDAY , MONTHLYWorship with a Difference starts at 3pm! (Children must be accompanied by an adult) We welcome you to a fun filled 2 hours,  we welcome you with drink and cakes then  there are crafts , games,  bible story and  singingMessy church has been going for about 6 years now. our only stipulation is that are children are  accompanied by an adult as this is designed to be a family afternoon and we cannot be responsible for unaccompanied children.

Boys’ Brigade & Girls’ Association June 25, 2014

                                           (click on the link above for more information)  On Thursday evenings we are very busy with an average of over 50 boys and girls aged from 5 to 18. We are grateful for the leaders who give their time week by week. We cover a wide range of activities from first aid to cooking and more, all working towards badges in each of the sections. We also have each week in every section a time of devotions. In the last year we have had a co