Alison Irwin

Ali was christened as a baby but Jesus only became real for her in a personal way when she was in her early 30’s. An invitation to a Carol Service at Oakridge in 1993 was the start of her faith journey and she was baptised in 1995. Fellowship with God and encouragement from the wider church family continues to help her to learn and develop as a Christian. Ali is thankful for the daily Hope this relationship provides in the knowledge that our loving Heavenly Father wants what’s best for us all; and He will help shape and guide us through life’s challenges and opportunities if we put our trust in Him…




Philip Rackstraw

Philip has attended Oakridge all his life from Sunday School to Baptism and membership in 2009. He has been treasurer of the church since 2013. As well as his duties as treasurer, he is also involved with Worship, being part of the audio visual team and a singer in the church music group.
 A Philip 2

Life Deacon

Shelia Dodson

Sheila has been a member of Oakridge Baptist Church for many years and is the longest serving member on the Diaconate Sheila’s main responsibility is for Pastoral Care. She regularly visits members who are in Care Homes, sick and anyone who cannot attend services at Oakridge. She asks for anyone who needs Pastoral Care within the Church to contact her.

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Dilini Reynold

Dilini is passionate about prayer, worship, discipleship and bringing the word of the Lord to the masses, the key areas that she is responsible for at Oakridge.  Dilini believes that there is nothing that cannot be achieved through prayer.  She comes from a medical mission background having served disadvantaged communities as a prayerful doctor.   In her spare time, she plays the piano and engages in dabbing in floristry.


John & Pam Hollman

John and Pam joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1975 and were sent out to Sudan in 1977 by their church in Romford.  They served with Wycliffe until retirement in December 2017.  During their 40 years of service, they had various roles which included training literacy workers, administering the work of Bible Translation in Sudan, teaching at the training Institute in Horsleys Green, directing the work of Bible Translation across Africa and teaching in the Linguistics and Bible Translation Department at The Theological College of Northern Nigeria.In retirement their particular interest is two-fold: helping people to read and understand the Bible, and promoting prayer for the work of Bible Translation especially in Africa.They have had a home within walking distance of Oakridge Baptist Church for 30 years or so, but much of that time they were resident in Africa, and their home was rented out.  On retirement they started attending Oakridge Baptist Church and joined the church in 2019.Over the years they have learned that they work best together, and see that as the Lord’s planning.

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Maureen Rose

Maureen has been at Oakridge all her life having been dedicated as a baby.  She was baptised and joined the Church at 16 years of age.  Her journey in the Church has involved working in many organisations and as a member of the leadership team held the position of Treasurer for approximately 10 years and Secretary for approximately 5 years.  In November 2021 the Church entered a period of interregnum (a time without a minister) and she has taken on the overall responsibility for Pastoral care within the fellowship. 


John Morgan

John attended a church of England junior school, and has been a regular attender at OBC for many years. He came to membership in 2017. Due to John’s technical background, he has been asked to provide advice to OBC on the proposed redevelopment of the church.


Sandra Rackstraw

Sandra came to Oakrigde when she was 4 years old. She grew up in the Sunday school and attended youth club. She then went on to become a youth club leader and took on various other roles, such as helping in Sunday school and boys brigade. Her faith grew during these years and she gave her life to christ and was baptised in 1997 and then received into membership. Everything and anything is possible with God.