Full service including the sermon ‘God’s holy people’ September 13, 2020

Rev.d Mark Macaulay                          6th September 2020

“Everyone who calls” May 31, 2020

Rev.d. Mark Macaulay                  31st May 2020      For those who called out to God from the relative safety of lockdown in that upper room in Jerusalem, their way out of lockdown was not a series of coordinated gentle steps, but a bursting out into the bright sunshine of the public domain; a head-on confrontation with their enemies and a vast inflow of like-minded people who recognised in the risen and ascended Jesus, the Messiah who would ultimately save humankind from its wo

David, Jesus, or Both? May 10, 2020

Mark Macaulay                  10th May     Good morning on the 75th VE Day bank holiday weekend and what would have been a perfect summery weekend in Bournemouth at the Baptist Assembly. Today is again the “Great Lord’s Day”, which is every day between Easter and Pentecost, and we welcome you to our service. Let’s greet one another with the Paschal Greeting: “Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Hallelujah!”