I will not impose any other burden August 9, 2020

Rewv. Mark Macaulay                                      9th August 2020          Today we will complete our reflections on Revelation 2 – just 20 chapters to go – but you may be relieved, or disappointed, to hear that we will resume our reflections in chapter 3 in the autumn before Advent. Whatever form church takes now and going forward, there is one constant that sees us through every difficulty and inconvenience, namely that there is “No Other Name but the Name

I have a few things against you August 2, 2020

Rev. Mark Macaulay                     2nd August 2020              In our sermon today we look at Pergamum, one of the top three cities in Asia Minor, a centre of aspiration, so much so it aligned itself with foundation by the gods of mythology despite an absence of historicity in this regard and allowed all sorts of philosophies of life from the city to have influence in the church there. The church was warned and encouraged to be on its guard against the influence of those w

“Do not be afraid” July 26, 2020

Rev. Mark Macaulay                                    26th July 2020               Behold I am alive for evermore. There we see you stand, mighty risen Lord, clothed in garments pure and holy, shining bright; eyes of flashing fire, feet like burnished bronze, and the sound of many waters is your voice.Good morning and welcome to our service. Falling at His feet was John’s response to the Risen Jesus as he moved about the lampstands which represented the churches of As

The love you had at first. July 19, 2020

Rev. Mark Macaulay                     19th July 2020             Take joy my King, in what you hear. Let it be a sweet, sweet sound, in your ear. Good morning and welcome to our service of worship and communion. God is present whenever his people gather in his name and today we aim to make God joyful as we sing his praises.

“Coming with the clouds” July 12, 2020

Rev. Mark Macaulay                            12th July 2020      We are here to praise you, lift our hearts and sing. We are here to give you the best that we can bring. It is good to be in the virtual presence of the Lord and one another as we tune in at roughly the same time. When we have our service in the comfort of our homes, however, are we able to give God as much attention as we might do when we are gathered in the sanctuary? For some it might be the other way round.

The Lord isn’t slow July 5, 2020

Rev. Mark Macaulay                     5th July 2020       Let all things their Creator bless; And worship Him in humbleness; O praise Him, O praise Him; Alleluia, Alleluia!…       Today we will do some honest thinking about what is best for our fellowship and our ministry and take to heart Peter’s words, “14 My friends, while you are waiting, you should make certain that the Lord finds you pure, spotless, and living at peace.” Let’s give ourselves in honest worship

“We were not telling clever stories” June 21, 2020

Mark Macaulay                     21st June 2020          O Breath of God come fill this place. Revive our hearts to know your grace, and from our slumber make us rise, that we may know the risen Christ.Good morning, happy Fathers’ Day and welcome to our service of communion in which we celebrate Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension over a symbolic meal. Next week we hope to bring you Love Wycombe online from 11 a.m. and a printed and audio version of it as soon as we can

We have everything we need June 14, 2020

Rev. Mark Macaulay                             14th June 2020   Peter’s message is that we have everything we need to live a life that pleases God and “escape our evil desires and the corrupt influences of this world” (2 Peter 1:4). I guess the only question is whether society will ever be as forgiving of human beings, with their propensity for great good and unrivalled evil in equal measure, as is the God who went to the cross so that they might be redeemed despite themse

“The Lord added to their number daily” June 7, 2020

Rev. Mark Macaulay                      7th June 2020      Today, and we could not have planned for the weather when we chose this weekend over a year ago, would have been the Love Wycombe celebration. Most of the churches of Wycombe had planned to be together in one accord on the Rye and many of us have enjoyed these events in previous years. It just proves how well God can keep a secret because none of the church leaders had prophetic words about the pandemic. So like most thing

“Everyone who calls” May 31, 2020

Rev.d. Mark Macaulay                  31st May 2020      For those who called out to God from the relative safety of lockdown in that upper room in Jerusalem, their way out of lockdown was not a series of coordinated gentle steps, but a bursting out into the bright sunshine of the public domain; a head-on confrontation with their enemies and a vast inflow of like-minded people who recognised in the risen and ascended Jesus, the Messiah who would ultimately save humankind from its wo