“Who is this ‘Son of Man’?” April 5, 2020

Mark Macaulay    –    Palm Sunday            –   5th April 2020This is the third Sunday since all public gatherings like churches were closed and the second in this period of lockdown. Spare a thought for our senior folk as this is three weeks down and nine to go of isolation for their own safety, whereas for most of us it is so that we don’t inadvertently become conveyors of Covid19, a name with a sudden resurgence in media popularity just as the WHO renamed it SARS-Cov-2 – proo

Church to the Father’s glory March 29, 2020

Mark Macaulay                                    29th March 2020     We might be forgiven for thinking that the only show in town, if not the world, is Covid19 – a name that seems to be losing traction just as quickly as it emerged as a WHO-designated-no-blame description of the coronavirus that was first recognised in China when it emerged from Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan in 2019. Covid19 has now been renamed “Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2

I will not leave you as orphans March 22, 2020

Mark Macaulay        22nd March 2020   Mothering Sunday   (In Social Isolation)   Who would have imagined that this Mothering Sunday would be so strange, without the usual visits and family meals? My camera-shy mum, for whom being tech-savvy is being able to text on a push button phone, is limited a phonecall today. Like so many other mums her health is at risk and while it may seem strange that loving someone means avoiding them, we have to rethink our natural social instincts and modi

Encourage your leaders February 24, 2020

Mark Macaulay                               23rd February 2020

Living as if today is your last February 16, 2020

Mark Macaulay                               16th February 2020

The Potter’s Hand February 12, 2020

Joyce & Ali                                  2nd February 2020

The Lord’s Prayer February 11, 2020

Sandra Rackstraw    (Sunday School Crew)                   9th February 2020

Godly life January 26, 2020

Mark Macaulay                              26th January 2020

Right Reasons for Suffering January 21, 2020

Mark Macaulay                            18th January 2020

New Year’s Resolutions January 5, 2020

Mark Macaulay                          5th January 2020