Dr Dilini Reynold                          7th March 2021 [Download]

                  Good morning and welcome to our service. Our first three songs this morning have been chosen for us by Jenny Maxwell, and all of them point to the power and strength that is available to us because God is with us and the Lord Jesus Christ has conquered the worst that this world can foist upon us. It is sad that timidity and weakness are all too often the hallmarks of Christian experience, when we serve a God for whom the impossible is just ordinary.

The basic problem seems to be that our faith is strong in our Lord’s ability to help us, and we accept the status quo when he does not, but our faith is weak when we are reminded to be bold; be strong, for the Lord your God is with you; as if the all-powerful God can deal with any issue of life himself, but for some reason is unable to equip us to act on his behalf when he calls us to do so.

During Lent, we are reminded to reconnect with these three principles: spending more time in prayer; repenting of things which we know draw us away from God’s presence and God’s equipping, and engaging with the things of God, not just by learning but by our actions. We have as our role model, Jesus himself, who showed us how to live and how to be God’s ambassadors on earth. We are very good at learning how amazing he was and perhaps it is now time for the best form of flattery, imitation, because we are offered the benefits of the endless victory he has won.

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