Rev Mark Macaulay             28th February 2021 [Download]

                    Let the weak say, “I am strong”. Let the poor say, “I am rich”, because of what the Lord has done for us. Give thanks.

Good morning and welcome to our service. We have sung of our gratitude to the Holy One, knowing that through Christ, we can be of more value in God’s economy than we can possibly imagine for ourselves.

Folk, lockdown has taken away from us every one of these social words. There is but one phrase in these verses that could be taken individually: “devoted to the Apostles’ teaching”. The teaching of God’s word week in and week out and our private prayers and devotions are the only things of God that are available to us to sustain our faith when the biggest and most incredibly significant side of being a follower of Jesus is absent and thanks to modern technology and slightly older technology, we have sustained this aspect of church life. For “meeting” and “fellowship”, I am not talking about remote communication such as the odd telephone call or connection on social media and I am blessed by the opportunity to see some folk across their thresholds when I deliver recorded services to them, but real fellowship where we meet together in the name of God; party together in the name of God, and indeed, just party together.

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