Rev.d Mark Macaulay                     13th December 2020 [Download]

            Today we look to God as the source of genuine joy, not the wild emotion expressed by children as they thrill to a new discovery or adventure, but in the times of unmitigated suffering or disaster, that blessed assurance, that confidence that God is in control of all outcomes and with him, there need be no despair, even when that can seem to be the only emotion available to humankind to express what is happening around us. As we come to light our Advent candles, we reflect on these words:

When darkness is deepest; Joy will be born

When the ending seems endless; Joy will be born

When the world is despairing; Joy will be born

When meaning is lost; Joy will be born

When winter is bleakest; Joy will be born

Because Love is eternal; Joy will be born

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