Rev.d Mark Macaulay                15th November 2020 [Download]

          Good morning and welcome to our service of communion, the last of which was in our beloved sanctuary, with many present exercising their skill in beating the multistage puzzle which is the socially distanced communion package. At least the upside of communion at home means you can enjoy your favourite bread or bread alternative and there is nothing to stop you enjoying a fine wine or a whole glass of your favourite juice. The church presided over by Jesus’ Apostles didn’t have communion like we do. It was more of a house group thing as they used to break bread together, or have communion, over a meal in one another’s homes. In church we have made it more of a liturgical ritual, but what Jesus really wanted was to be remembered in the normal hospitality of breaking bread at the dinner table, i.e. not ritualistically, but as if he was present at every hospitable encounter.


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