Rev.d Mark Macaulay                20th September 2020 [Download]

As followers of Jesus, we are called to stand up for the poor and marginalised and to seek justice in this world regardless of the next being a place of peace and harmony in God’s presence. Our task in this earth is literally to work towards making heaven on earth – we call it the kingdom of God, of which every follower of Jesus, the king, is a citizen. Ruth wasn’t a Christian, but her passionate concern for justice for the marginalised came from her Jewish faith. We pray for her family at this sad time and for the USA that it would fill her post with somebody equally passionate about the cause of the poor and marginalised of society, the very people that Jesus, the supreme Jew reached out to. Like him, we are called to do the same as we share his message of Good News.

Let’s offer ourselves to him today as those who desire to serve his purposes in our generation. He deserves our attention and our worship.

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