Mark Macaulay                     21st June 2020 [Download]

          O Breath of God come fill this place. Revive our hearts to know your grace, and from our slumber make us rise, that we may know the risen Christ.

Good morning, happy Fathers’ Day and welcome to our service of communion in which we celebrate Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension over a symbolic meal. Next week we hope to bring you Love Wycombe online from 11 a.m. and a printed and audio version of it as soon as we can on the same day. I am hoping for more details during the week.

Sadly this week past, “forces’ sweetheart” and “national institution” Dame Vera Lynn died aged 103. Famous grandfather of the year Colonel Sir Tom Moore’s comment at her passing was, “A real shame, I really thought Vera Lynn would live longer; she’s been speaking so well on TV recently. She had a huge impact on me in Burma and remained important to me throughout my life. My thoughts are with Dame Vera Lynn’s family at this sad time”.

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