Mark Macaulay        22nd March 2020   Mothering Sunday   (In Social Isolation) [Download]

Who would have imagined that this Mothering Sunday would be so strange, without the usual visits and family meals? My camera-shy mum, for whom being tech-savvy is being able to text on a push button phone, is limited a phonecall today. Like so many other mums her health is at risk and while it may seem strange that loving someone means avoiding them, we have to rethink our natural social instincts and modify our behaviour. For most children, our mums were always the goto person for the challenges of life when we were little. Likewise, Jesus was the goto person for his disciples who had given up their normal lives to follow him. But as his death was impending Jesus said to his disciples, “I will not leave you as orphans”, promising that they would see him again on the other side. Prayer in some ways is like that phonecall when you cannot see someone on the other side, but you know they are there because you are talking to them. Today’s message reflects on a world of changed priorities in which Jesus reminds us that he is always with us and for us keep on being loving like him.

God bless


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