We started El-Bethel Tamil Church on 27th August 2000 by the grace and guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Through the years, God has blessed our congregation with the presence of His Holy Spirit.

This is a Tamil speaking congregation (mainly people from Sri Lanka and India) who believe that the Bible is the supreme source of wisdom and truth for living a good Christian life today.

The preaching in our church is based on the Bible and is a significant part of our Sunday worship service.

The church was founded by Pastor Rajkumar and his wife sister Rexy Rajkumar. God had spoken to them and had given them confirmation through His servant on January 2000 to build His ministry.

In February 2000, they prayed and started evangelising in Lewisham borough.

The first Sunday worship service started on 27th August 2000.

Today, many non-Christians from different background have accepted and received Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and their only true God.

Every year new people dedicate their life, take baptism and become true dedicated members and workers of El-Bethel Tamil Church.

The church is useful to the community as it supports and prays for the community often.

We have registered our church (in the name El-Bethel Ministry) with the charity commission.

We have membership with Evangelical Alliance.