Night Shelter

2015 Night Shelter has been going very well; numbers are up on last year. We take a maximum of 14 guests during very cold weather and this has happened a couple of times, although usually numbers are around 10 guests per night. We have managed to keep the Wednesday evening, night and Thursday morning shifts staffed with volunteers without a problem for which we thank all the wonderful volunteers. A special thank you to all the cooks for their much appreciated meals.

We have been pleased to welcome two friends from the Mosque next door. Farid and Abdul have been faithful in their service every week, one in the evening and one in the morning. Also, we had a lovely evening when our Muslim friends supplied the evening meal, all cooked by a professional chef, delivered and served to guests and volunteers.

Three members of the Mosque have also helped with the costs of the food for the season, paying half of the weekly cost personally. We praise God for the wonderful friendship and co‐operation.

Thank you, too, to all the people who wash the bedding and towels each week. This ‘behind the scenes’ chore is greatly appreciated and never noticed.

We – Suzanne and Jim – are retiring as co‐ordinators at the end of this season for health reasons. Please consider prayerfully whether the Lord is calling you to fill this post. It can be done by one and Tricia Edlin is happy to carry on doing the rotas. The job entails going to meetings for co‐ordinators, ensuring all the equipment is ready for use, checking all the airbeds, arranging laundry, getting food when necessary (liaison with One Can), getting ready at the beginning of the season and cleaning and putting all equipment away at the end of the season, and generally ensuring everything runs smoothly. We are quite willing to guide you through the process.

Just think what it is like for our guests when there is no Night Shelter – sleeping on the streets in cold and wet weather. Just try standing outside late one evening for just 5 minutes! Multiply that feeling to a whole 24 hours!! May we, as the local church, continue in this work for as many years as it is required.

Suzanne and Jim Wight

Note: Night Shelter runs from January to March each year, with 7 churches in the town taking turns to host it one night a week.